What is Dr. G's Video Production Camp?

Our inaugural camp took place in July of 2017 at Blount High School in Prichard, Alabama. Seven teachers and sixteen students had the chance to show off their creative talents as they learned how to produce a video.

Year 2 took place at Palmer Pillans Middle school in Mobile, Alabama. Eleven teachers and twenty-one students helped make the second year a huge success. 

Summer 2109 brought about some important changes for the camp. First, the video camp was combined with a literacy camp. During the first week, the campers wrote and published a book. The second week gave them a chance to make a movie with their book topic as the setting. Second, additional funding was provided to allow two different sessions of the camp. In all, sixty students and twenty teachers learned the art of video production. 


 "Dr. G's video camp really exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the high involvement of the students as they learned the most. The kids had a great time working together on their production from beginning to end. I appreciate the opportunity to learn and explore more about incorporating technology and digital tools in the classroom." 


-Renea Ali (Morningside Elementary School)



"Dr. G. is a phenomenal video production presenter. He simplifies the information and allows time for exploring with the software. Students loved learning the video production process and were excited to use the high tech equipment. Love this camp." 


-Stephanie Mitchell


Thanks to Dr. G's Video Production Camp, my students have a greater sense of digital technology.


-Carla Dean


"Dr. G's Video Production Camp was an awesome experience for both students and teachers! I learned how to produce quality videos and how to capture the best shots. Dr. Gaston taught us the important elements of video production. We created our own videos! 


Dr. Gaston was very supportive. He used hands-on learning to help students and teachers. Students were able to take ownership of their learning. They applied what they learned from Dr. Gaston and the teachers. I was proud to see the students directing and producing their own videos! 


Dr. G's Video Camp was one of the best experiences. It was fun and educational. Teachers and students of all technical levels experienced success. I strongly encourage teachers to take video production workshops. I plan to use video production to help my students with Project Based Learning, broadcasting, book reports, science and technology fairs. The possibilities are endless!"  


-Kimberly Davis